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To all visitors:

I figured with the U.S.-Canada women's hockey game coming up in the near future, it was time to shut this site down. It obviously seems like bad timing, but it was a decision that had to be made.

Over the past four years, I have received many emails from all over the world, many of which were from little kids saying how the 1998 USA victory inspired them. I've heard so many stories from all sorts of people and honestly felt bad that I had no way of passing these heartfelt messages along to the actual members of the team.

Of course, I also received quite a few negative emails from those who felt the need to trash the Americans and praise the Canadians.

To those people -- you know who you are -- I say shame on you. If you had the access to the letters I have received from all the little girls who said watching the Olympics gave them hope as to playing a sport that was "just for boys," you wouldn't have taken that two seconds to send off a nasty letter.

And so it continues. Since the conclusion of the end of the gold medal game, I have received numerous, harassing emails from Canadian fans.

PLEASE LET ME MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR: I am in no way associated with USA Hockey or the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Disgusted with the officiating? Contact the IIHF. Pissed off about Team USA behavior-- whatever current rumor circulating through the internet is-- contact USA Hockey. Getting in touch with me won't change a darn thing.

Let me make it perfectly clear -- I have nothing against the Canadian women's team. They too, like the American team, have inspired many youngsters around the nation, and globe for that matter. The Canadians are equally seen as role models for any young girl hoping to be a hockey player one day and they also deserve recognition.

I congratulate them on their wonderful effort in the gold medal game.

For those actually interested in USA Hockey (and not harrassing me) I may put together a more comprehensive USA women's hockey site in the near future. I do not have a method of informing everyone interested, but just keep an eye out on the search engines. That's all I can suggest.

Thank you again to all who have visited over the years. And to all the women and girls, remember, keep playing hockey! :)